Top Five Wireless Mouse for Notebooks: 2012 and 2013

Ryan St. Onge December 19, 2012 0

If you hate your laptop’s trackpad, than purchase a wireless mouse for notebooks. A wireless mouse is compatible with virtually any computer or laptop. Typically, they can be connected via Bluetooth or wireless USB. Unless you are an experienced laptop user, the trackpad can be tricky to use right off the bat. A wireless mouse for notebooks actually allows your computing experience to be more similar to a desktop computer than a laptop.

Anyone interested in purchasing a wireless mouse should glance below at five of our favorite mice from all of 2012. Based off of current technology, these mice should continue their popular trend well into 2013 too.

Five Best Wireless Mouse for Notebooks

Logitech M305

Logitech M305: Like a laptop, Logitech created a fairly portable M305 wireless mouse. It is labeled “ultra-portable,” being its size is much smaller when compared to a regular desktop mouse. Portability is key while traveling. The sides have a very comfortable rubberized grip for safe handling. Overall, left and right buttons on the mouse are easy to click.

A nano-USB receiver plugs into your computer’s USB port. After that, the M305 will work without any further issue. I felt that connectivity was great. Lag wasn’t an issue after using it as my default mouse for an entire day.

Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse: I could rave over the design for literally a few days straight. Other than your usual left/right buttons, the Performance mouse has an excellent hyper-speed scrolling wheel, zoom buttons, and battery level indicator. The batteries are rechargeable via USB or AC outlet whenever needed.

The USB wireless receiver is able to work from afar (if needed) and allows up to six other accessories to connect at once. Overall though, I felt that the experience went very smoothly.


Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse: Being it is a very fashionably designed wireless mouse for notebooks, I am proud to say this is one of my favorite mice. It has a flexible design that feels great while using it. When the Arc mouse is not needed, one could place it in their pocket.

There isn’t a physical scroll wheel, however a touch scroll wheel is present. Just click, tip, or flick the touch sensor to activate it. I feel that this feature should be set in stone for all wireless mice going into the year 2013.

The wireless receiver allows users to use the mouse from 30 feet away if they please. This is great for presentations where you must walk away from the laptop.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500: A form-fitting wireless mouse that take the form of just about anyone’s hand. Microsoft has made this mouse available in over ten different colors and designs. I personally picked the white & black mouse because of its sleek & stylish appearance.

Performance-wise this mouse worked like a charm. The only time I experienced lag was when I moved the mouse further than 15 feet away from the wireless receiver. I haven’t had the mouse long enough to test battery life, however Microsoft guarantees 8 months battery life.

Wireless mouse for notebooks

Microsoft Wireless Rechargeable Laser Mouse 7000: Most mice have dropped laser technology, but this is one of the few wireless mouse for notebooks that utilizes smooth laser technology. For the most part, the laser works great. There were a few times though that the mouse lagged behind.

As for the design, I am defiantly impressed. Both sides of the mouse feature an apparent slanted appearance. On the left-side of the mouse is a zoom in/out feature

Choose a Wireless Mouse for Notebooks

Read additional user reviews of these wireless mice prior to making a purchase. Even check them out in-store to see if they are comfortable in your hand. Purchasing them online will always be the cheapest method of buy them though. In the comments, let us know the model name of your favorite wireless mouse.

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